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In both critical respect and commercial success, he has quickly become the leading music artist in the Spanish speaking world - with the The Los Angeles Times declaring that: “[Juanes] has emerged as the single most important figure on the Latin music scene”.

Both an electrifying guitarist and socially conscious songwriter that critics are putting alongside artists such as Bono and Bruce Springsteen, Juanes confronts the violence of his native Colombia’s continued conflict, while pointing to the love of family and respect of countrymen as the way to rise above the fray. Millions of fans have adopted the songs of this poetic rocker as virtual anthems for Latino pride, prayers for peace, and the strength of true love.

Juanes’ landmark second album Un Dia Normal (“A Normal Day”) was the #1 Spanish-language album of 2003 in both sales and airplay, and holds the record for the longest Top-10 chart run of any Latin album in history. The album’s success lead Juanes to top six separate Billboard Year-end Latin charts, including #1 album, #1 singles artist, and #1 songwriter, and resulted in his selection for the cover of Billboard’s “Year In Music” special issue. Un Dia Normal spent two years (104 weeks) on the chart and produced five hit singles. The album lead Juanes to a sweep of the 2003 Latin Grammy telecast (winning all five awards for which he was nominated: “Album Of The Year” - “Record of the Year” - “Song of the Year” - “Best Rock Solo Album” & “Best Rock Song”), and brought his career total to an impressive NINE Latin Grammy Awards. He also was the top winner at Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro Awards and garnered MTV Latin America’s “Artist of the Year” & “Best Rock Artist” awards. The tour in support of Un Dia Normal saw Juanes perform over 200 critically acclaimed concert dates throughout the world, including a date setting the attendance record at Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center.

Fall 2004 saw Juanes “remain in his own upper echelon” with the September 28th release of his eagerly awaited third album-the socially and emotionally relevant Mi Sangre (“My Blood”). Mi Sangre not only debuted at #1 throughout the Spanish speaking world (quickly reaching multi-platinum status in numerous countries), but also finds Juanes continuing his Latin radio airplay dominance with all three singles from the record thus far claiming the #1 spot on Billboard’s “Hot Latin Tracks” chart. In fact, first single “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” (“I Am Worthless Without Your Love”) not only notched an impressive 3 month (12 weeks) run at #1 in America, it was also the most played song at radio in Latin America for all of 2004. Of course, this continued success has lead media throughout the world to take note, highlighted by Arts cover profiles of Juanes in both The New York Times and The Washington Post, and most recently, his selection by TIME as “one of the 100 most influential people in the world.” Currently, Juanes is in the midst of the “MI SANGRE TOUR”, which will find him performing over 200 shows around the world. This includes critically acclaimed concerts that filled both New York’s famed Madison Square Garden and Miami’s American Airlines Arena.

Juanes was born Juan Esteban Aristizabal in Medellin, Colombia

- At the age of seven, Juanes learns to play guitar from his father and older brothers. He falls in love with the instrument and immerses himself in learning the traditional Latin sounds of boleros, tangos, cumbias, and Colombian folk music such as vallenatto and guasca. From then on, a guitar is rarely out of arms reach – even when he had to spend time scouting pawnshops for guitars he could afford. Today, those days of scrounging for guitars are behind him, as his natural talent for the instrument has led to Juanes being the only Latin artist signed for sponsorship by FENDER.

-Over his years in Colombia, Juanes experienced firsthand the grief that comes with personal loss from violence, as kidnappers executed his cousin (even after ransom had been paid) and a close friend was killed by gunmen in a nightclub. His grief was further compounded when he lost his father to cancer.

-At the age of fourteen (as many teenage boys do), Juanes discovers Metal music – specifically Metallica As a result, he quickly adapts his guitar playing to match his new favorite band, and he becomes a founding member of Colombian rock/metal band Ekhymosis (translation: bruise).

- Over the course of 11 years, Ekhymosis makes seven albums and become local favorites throughout Colombia. Eventually, having outgrown the desire to just play metal, Juanes decides to depart/disband the group.

-With little more then his guitar and a cassette of song demos in his pocket, Juanes relocates to Los Angeles to begin pursuing a solo music career.

- Juanes’ demo makes its way into the hands of famed Latin Alternative producer Gustavo Santaolalla, who quickly recognizes the Colombian singer-songwriter’s natural talent and signs Juanes to his record label Surco.


- Juanes & Santaolalla form a natural artistic partnership as they begin to craft the artist’s debut album. An extremely prolific songwriter, Juanes spends nearly every waking moment for months in the studio working through dozens of potential songs.

-Having found the perfect musical complement in Santaolalla, Juanes likewise finds the perfect career partner as he is taken under the wing of famed Latin music manager (and fellow Colombian) Fernan Martinez – who had already crafted the meteoric rise of Enrique Iglesias.

- Juanes’ debut album-Fijate Bien (‘Listen Closely’)-is released by Surco/Universal Latin on October 17th, 2000. Musically fusing Juanes’ highly accomplished guitar work with multiple Latin rhythm styles from his native Colombia, while also showcasing deeply introspective lyrics examining violence, social conscience and the loss of loved ones, Juanes’ Fijate Bien is obviously a landmark album for the growing Latin Alternative genre. Whether its the title track’s all-too-real example of having to watch for land mines with each step taken in his homeland, to the messages conveyed in other singles such as “Nada” or “Podemos Hacernos Dano” the lyrical metaphors throughout the album signal the solo debut of an immensely talented musician and Latin rock social poet.

- Upon the release of the album, Juanes initially focuses on working promotion throughout Latin America to build an audience for the album. The record is quickly embraced throughout Colombia where it spends 10 weeks at #1. As a result, while hard-core Latin rock fans in the U.S. are discovering the album through word of mouth, to the broader Latin audience, the album remains an undiscovered treasure.


- The start of the year sees Juanes continuing to build his fan base throughout Latin America.

-On July 17, the hard work and strategy in Latin America pays off, as Juanes shocks the Latin Music world (and himself) as he receives an unprecedented seven nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards- marking the first (of many times to come) that he would lead the field of artists at a major Award ceremony. In a now well known story, Juanes himself was so surprised at the recognition that he initially believed he should not attend the nomination ceremony – thinking that he would be lost among the famous name Latin Pop Stars. Of course, by the ceremony’s end, all other artists were applauding his accomplishment.

-Spurred on by the record-breaking number of nominations for Juanes, both Latin music writers and fans scramble to learn more about the unassuming Colombian. Of course, upon delving into Fijate Bien, a much larger audience discovers a Latin music masterwork.

- In the lead-up to the planned Latin Grammy ceremony in September, press across the United States share the message of Fijate Bien:

“Listen closely to Juanes” - USA Today
“one of the most thought-provoking, exhilarating discs released this year.. a debut to remember.” - Billboard
“brooding and edgy… an uncompromising work of almost nihilistic disillusion and social outrage”- LA Times
“a haunting, wrenchingly powerful recording that burns with a cold fire... An unforgettable record and a defining one.” – Miami Herald
“Juanes is the first artist to emerge from the Latin alternative scene as a major force in the Latin Grammys… [Fijate Bien] is invigorating… it's an album that speaks a poetic language” – Newsday
“What [Ricky] Martin did for swooning, Juanes is doing for Latin music's credibility as a popular art form.” - Denver Post
- Juanes gives his first series of U.S. concert appearances as part of the Watcha tour – winning rave reviews as well for his live performances: “the concert's most intriguing [performer was] Juanes… songs about soul-searching, danger, a sense of loss and a stubborn survival instinct, addressing both the civil war in Colombia and more private turmoil … The songs are earnest and fatalistic but not despondent, as Juanes faces down violence and mortality” - New York Times
“Intense yet approachable, Juanes, with his quietly despairing voice and live-life-to-the-fullest tales, left the deepest impression” – Village Voice
“Juanes steals the show on Watcha Tour... he left quite an impression.” – Dallas Morning News “Juanes dominates six-hour Watcha tour... proved language is no barrier to appreciating musical brilliance...charismatic Colombian rocker Juanes dominated the show artistically” - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

- As the leading nominee, Juanes is invited to perform on CBS’ primetime telecast of The Latin Grammy Awards. The planned September 11 broadcast will be his broad introduction to the American public. He spends the days leading up to the awards rehearsing and participating in “Grammy In The Schools” program with students. Juanes also makes his first live U.S. network TV appearance, performing on CBS’ Early Show – on September 10, 2001.

“Now, that’s talent!” - Bryant Gumbel

- Upon the dawn of September 11, 2001, it is instantly apparent that the Latin Grammy Awards will be cancelled in light of the terrorist attacks upon New York & Washington. The irony of the cancellation of the telecast is that the very message that Juanes was being heralded for becomes all the more relevant– that violence can strike any of our lives at any moment, and that we should constantly embrace the people of importance in our lives.

- On September 14th, Juanes performs at the very first fund-raising event to benefit victim’s families, quickly organized by NARAS & LARAS.

- On October 30th, in an emotional and reserved ceremony in Los Angeles, the much-delayed awards are finally presented to the selected winners. Juanes wins three Latin Grammy Awards, including the recognition as “Best New Artist” of the year. Juanes is also the only artist asked to sing at the ceremony – delivering a heartfelt acoustic performance.

- On the very evening of the awards presentation, Juanes returns to the Surco studio in Los Angeles – downloading over 40 new demos that he has written. This wealth of new material will form the backbone of Juanes’ second album.

- On January 4th, Juanes finds himself sharing the stage of Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater with Quincy Jones and Tony Bennet, as he is asked to assist in reading the nominations for the 44th Grammy Awards. During the ceremony, Juanes finds out that he has received a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album for Fijate Bien.

- Having completed principal recording for his second solo album, Un Dia Normal (‘A Normal Day’) -including a special duet with Nelly Furtado, Juanes returns to the concert stage on February 17th – as featured performer at a concert in the Astrodome for the famed Houston rodeo.

- In April, the first single from Un Dia Normal is sent to radio across the U.S. and Latin America. Entitled “A Dios Le Pido” (‘I Ask God’), the song is an upbeat prayer for peace that asks God to bless and protect our families, our future children, and loved ones. The song quickly becomes a beloved anthem for peace throughout the Latin world, reaching #1 in twelve countries on three continents. “A Dios Le Pido” goes on to have an astounding 47 consecutive week run on Billboard’s “Hot Latin Tracks” chart (the majority of which is spent in the Top 5). In Colombia, the song spends more then four straight months in the #1 spot, completely shattering airplay records of Shakira and other Colombian artists. The critical commentary about the song is equally as impressive:

“ a prayer for peace [with] a somber intensity” -New York Times
“a touchstone for a nation ravaged by war.” - Associated Press
"...the year's best single” – Chicago Sun Times
“an instant classic” – L.A. New Times
“a tropical postscript to the Song of Solomon -- sacred and sexy, a plea for life, a supplication for one more minute of breath to say "I love you" to those who matter.” - Chicago Tribune

- On May 21, Surco/Universal Latin release Un Dia Normal. In addition to the already hugely successful “A Dios Le Pido,” tracks such as “Es Por Ti,” “Mala Gente,” “Un Dia Normal,” “La Luna” and the duet with Nelly Furtado “Fotografia” show Juanes growing in diversity, ranging from upbeat rock numbers to heartfelt ballads. The overall tone of the album also sees Juanes examining brighter feelings. Where Fijate Bien described danger and a bleakness that must be overcome, Un Dia Normal looks at importance of the things we live for: family, spirituality, love & passion. Juanes himself would equate the album to the dawn that followed the dark night of Fijate Bien. Of course, Un Dia Normal also boasts Juanes’ innovative (and now more varied) guitar work, and lyrics that elicit reaction in both the heart and mind.

- Un Dia Normal reaches Gold record sales level in Colombia on its first day of sale. It goes on to reach platinum and multi-platinum status in numerous countries including Colombia, Mexico, Spain and the U.S. Latin market. The album debuts at #2 on Billboard’s “Top Latin Albums” chart and goes on to spend a record-breaking 92 weeks in the chart’s Top-10. During this timeframe, Un Dia Normal sold over 800,000 copies in the United States, and well over 2 Million units worldwide. Over the course of its two-year chart run, Un Dia Normal becomes the best-selling Spanish language album of original material in the world.

- As with their discovery of Fijate Bien, Latin music critics across America and the world react to Un Dia Normal as a milestone album from a vital artist:

“The first great Latin album of the year…songs that live up to the phrase timeless classic”- Newsday
“Juanes [is a] Stirring Voice of Hope…a defiant affirmation of life and a new faith in the power of love and pop harmonies” – Washington Post
“Hip-shaking Shakira may be Colombia’s most famous pop star- but Juanes is its best…Un Día Normal [is] the confirmation of Juanes as a master songwriter, guitarist and singer” – L.A. New Times
“The Best Latin Album of The Year… an exceptional piece of work indeed” – Dallas Morning News

- On June 1st, Juanes and Nelly Furtado perform “Fotografia” together on ABC’s primetime broadcast of the Alma Awards.

- In mid-July, Juanes performs at two of New York City’s biggest venues, taping the TV special “One World Jam” at Radio City Music Hall and then headlining at Madison Square Garden for the special concert: Pa’ Colombia: Un Canto por la Paz (For Colombia: A Song of Peace). On-stage at Madison Square Garden, Juanes is presented with gold and platinum records for sales of Un Dia Normal in Spain, Colombia and The United States.

- Although Un Dia Normal was released after the eligibility deadline for the 2002 Latin Grammy Awards, the advance airdate of “A Dios Le Pido” was within the eligibility window. Hence, Juanes receives three more Latin Grammy nominations on July 24th as the song is nominated for “Song of the Year,” “Best Rock Song,” and “Best Music Video”.

- In August, Un Dia Normal’s U.S. album sales continue to increase and the album reaches #1 on Soundscan’s sales list of Latin Pop albums.

- On September 4th, MTV Latin America announces that Juanes is the leading nominee for the inaugural MTVLA Video Music Awards.

- At the 3rd Latin Grammy Awards on September 18th, Juanes duets with Nelly Furtado and wins his fourth Latin Grammy.

- On September 20th, Juanes performs as the headliner of The Hispanic Heritage Awards at The Kennedy Center in Washington. Taped as a national TV special for NBC, the finale sees Ricky Martin, Rosalyn Sanchez, Jaci Velazquez and many more join Juanes to sing “A Dios Le Pido”.

- Juanes immediately begins his first headlining tour of the United States with a sold-out show in Washington. With lines of fans around the block, the concert is attended by both the Colombian President and Ambassador, as well as Queen Noor of Jordan. The tour results in sold-out shows across the country, and a wealth of critical praise: “Juanes proved during the show that his music is even more powerful and stirring in concert…judging from his thrilling performance, he remains true to his roots and his heart.” – Los Angeles Times
“Juanes showed himself to be the real thing -- an artist for whom playing live is as natural as breathing… a real artist playing real songs that provoke real feelings, he's got an authority no pop vocalist could claim” -Miami Herald
“Juanes proceeded to tear up the joint. [he] led a celebration of life in the face of anarchy” –Chicago Sun Times
“They stood there, flush against the stage, waiting…members of America's fastest-growing youth population - young, hip, and Latino - didn't budge... they stood, nearly transfixed. Waiting… "Juanes! Juanes! Juanes! Juanes!," they chanted…[Like] U2 does at its best… It was Juanes at his raw best” – Boston Globe

- On October 24, Juanes performs on The MTV LA Video Music Awards show, backed by label-mates Molotov. During the show, Juanes wins the award for “Best Male Artist of the Year”. The same week finds Juanes in the #1 spot on Billboard’s “Heatseeker” Chart.

- In November, Juanes undertakes his first tour of Spain – with sixteen consecutive sold-out concerts. He ends the month with a special performance for 40,000 people at the Zocalo in Mexico City

- After performing a second leg of concert dates in the U.S. and Internationally, Juanes completes the year with Un Dia Normal topping multiple critics’ Top 10 lists.

- Juanes begins the year by performing on the nationally telecast halftime show of The Orange Bowl. Days later, Juanes once again receives a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album.

- In February, the accolades continue, as Juanes is the leading award winner at both Spain’s “Premio Amigos” Awards - where he topped artists such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, and Thalia – and Univision’s prestigious “Premio Lo Nuestro” Awards, where he won the awards for “Song Of The Year”, “Best Male Pop Artist”, “Best Rock Performer” and “Video Of The Year”.

- Also in February, Juanes is the grand-winner at Chile’s famed Vina del Mar festival, taking home the Antorcha de Plata (Audience Choice) Award

- Juanes receives nominations for six “Billboard Latin Music Awards”. Of special note, he is the only performing artist nominated for “Songwriter of the Year”.

- February & March see Juanes accomplish a rare feat, with three singles charting simultaneously in the Top 20 of the “Hot Latin Tracks” Chart – “A Dios Le Pido” (in its tenth month on the chart), “Es Por Ti” (boasting five consecutive chart months), and his latest single “Mala Gente”.

- On March 24, Juanes sets the attendance record for an event at Washington’s Kennedy Center. His performance on the Millennium stage (as part of the AmericArtes series) resulted in lines of fans stretching completely around the massive building.

- In the first week of April, Juanes returns to Colombia to give a stadium concert in Bogota. Drawing over 48,000 fans, the concert easily eclipses the venues attendance record previously held by Shakira.

- In May, Juanes launches another world tour that will see him play over 100 concerts around the world in the coming months. All initial shows are performed in front of sold-out audiences.

- On May 27, 2003, Un Dia Normal reaches the 52 week/1-year mark of consecutive weeks charting in the Top-10 of Billboard’s “Top Latin Albums” chart. It is the first album in over five years to accomplish the feat.

- In June, Billboard’s annual “Music Publishing Spotlight” heralds Juanes as Latin Music’s #1 songwriter, having penned singles that have had more cumulative chart success during the year then any other Latin songwriter.

- Early July sees Un Dia Normal’s fourth hit single – “Fotografia” (Juanes’ duet with Nelly Furtado) become the top Latin song in America, as it reaches #1 on the “Hot Latin Tracks” Chart. The song held down this top spot for 5 weeks.

- On July 22nd, Un Dia Normal receives five additional Latin Grammy nominations. With the three previous nominations for “A Dios Le Pido”, Un Dia Normal has registered a total of eight Latin Grammy nominations, breaking Juanes’ own single album mark of seven set by Fijate Bien. This also brings Juanes’ career nominations to fifteen, making him the single most nominated artist in the history of the Latin Grammy Awards.

- On August 1, Juanes’ Un Dia Normal sets a chart duration record by scoring more consecutive weeks in the Top-10 than any other Latin album in chart history - notching its 62nd straight Top-10 week and surpassing Selena’s famed Dreaming of You album. The album is also certified Gold in America for sales over 500,000 copies, while world-wide sales are far beyond the 1 Million mark.

- In Billboard’s Latin Grammy preview issue, they confirm that Un Dia Normal is the #1 selling Latin album of the year, surpassing Ricky Martin, Shakira and ALL other Latin artists.

- On September 3, 2003 Juanes sweeps at the Latin Grammy Awards, winning ALL five categories in which he was nominated: Album of the Year – Song Of The Year – Record of the Year – Rock Song of the Year& Best Rock Solo Album. This marks the most Latin Grammy Awards won by an artist in a single year. He has also now won more Latin Grammy Awards (9) than any other artist. On the broadcast, Juanes also brings the audience to its feet with an inspired duet performance with The Black Eyed Peas.

- In the week following the Latin Grammy telecast, Juanes performs “A Dios Le Pido” on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, while weekly sales of Un Dia Normal double – bringing it to #1 on the “Top Latin Albums” Chart in its 68th week of release.

- On October 15, Juanes does the first ever all-Spanish newscast for “Channel One News” – broadcast to over 8 million U.S. Students in 12,000 Schools

- October 23 finds Juanes giving a surprise performance with Ricky Martin & Fabulosos Cadillacs leader Vincento to open the show at the 2003 MTVLA Video Music Awards. Juanes goes on to win the awards for “Artist of the Year” & “Best Rock Artist”

- On October 24, Juanes performs a sold out concert at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, garnering a rave review in The New York Times which declares: Juanes is a figure like Bono or Sting: an idealistic songwriter who never forgets how to entertain”

- In November, People Magazine features Juanes in their signature “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, where he has the largest photo layout of any artist in their look at “Sexy Singers”

- Juanes concludes the year by topping an astounding SIX Year-end Billboard charts, including “#1 Latin Album of the Year” – “#1 Latin Singles Artist” & “#1 Latin Songwriter”. The feat places Juanes on the cover of Billboard’s “2003: The Year In Music Issue” – fronting a collection of the year’s top artists including 50 Cent, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera & more.


- The start of 2004 finds Juanes launching an extensive tour of Europe, filling large halls in traditionally non-Spanish speaking countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, and England. During this tour, Juanes contiues writing numerous songs for what will become his third album.

- On February 27th, Juanes Wins “Best Male Artist (Pop)” & “Video of the Year”- for the 2nd consecutive Year at Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro Awards

- With three awards on the night, Juanes joins Celia Cruz and Ricky Martin as the top winner of the night at the April 30th “Billboard Latin Music Awards”.

- Early May sees Juanes enter the studio to begin recording songs for his planned third album – Mi Sangre (“My Blood”)

- On May 16, Juanes takes a break from the studio to perform in the Quincy Jones produced “We Are The Future” Concert in Rome - joining artists & speakers such as Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Angelina Jolie, Usher, Muhammad Ali, Josh Groban, LL Cool J, Andrea Bocelli & many

- Juanes is honored on June 6th by the Florida chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) at their annual “Heroes Awards.” The awards are presented annually to honor “outstanding music community members who have made great accomplishments in music and/or improved the environment for the creative community”

- To prevent unauthorized early leaks, the radio release of the Mi Sangre’s first single “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” (“I Am Worthless Without Your Love”) is moved up to Thursday, August 12th. The single achieves the “Hot Shot Debut” designation and within just a few weeks has garnered Juanes another #1 single as it tops Billboard’s “Hot Latin Tracks” chart, as well as reaching #1 in numerous other countries. In Colombia, the track receives more than double the airplay of the second place charting song.

- On September 9, Juanes previews songs from Mi Sangre during a concert for wounded soldiers at an army medical battalion in Bogota.

- With “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” still the #1 song on “Hot Latin Tracks”, Mi Sangre is released around the world. Juanes marks the day by giving an instore performance at the Virgin Mega-Store in New York City’s Times Square. Even in the pouring rain, so many fans attend that the huge Times Square store is forced to lock its doors as the crowd has swelled beyond capacity.

- As with Juanes’ previous albums, Mi Sangre is quickly embraced by critics:

“Juanes exhibits a sheer musicality that translates across cultures” – People Magazine
“[Juanes’] most ingenious album… gleams with poetry, folklore, and themes of love & war” – VIBE
“his best effort yet… poetic intensity… Juanes triumphs yet again (4 Stars) ” –Chicago Sun-Times
“Juanes’ best yet... a fierce quest for peace in a threatening world (4 Stars) – Miami Herald
“…cements [Juanes’] status as Latin America's most compelling singer-songwriter.” – Newsday
“As amazing as it sounds, Mi Sangre meets -and often exceeds- its predecessors… exciting, energetic, sexy & thought-provoking… one of the year's best releases, in any language (4 Stars)” – Houston Chronicle
“Mi Sangre never falters… Juanes remains in his own upper echelon” – Dallas Morning News
“The title reflects the intensity that Latin superstar Juanes exudes… asserts himself on Mi Sangre with the confidence of a singer with the world at his feet. (4 Stars)”- Orlando Sentinel
“a compulsive listen, with surprises at every turn… one of the year's best releases.” -

- Mi Sangre debuts at #1 on Billboard’s “Top Latin Albums” chart, while “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” continues to hold down the #1 spot on “Hot Latin Tracks” – this simultaneously gives Juanes the #1 Latin album and #1 Latin song in America – positions he holds for several weeks.

- On October 5, Apple’s iTunes music store makes available the exclusive U.S. release of Juanes’ “La Paga” Featuring Taboo (& Remixed By of THE BLACK EYED PEAS.

- On October 24th, Juanes performed to thousands at a special ceremony in Bogota as the Colombian army destroyed its stockpile of over 6,800 landmines. Juanes joined the President of Colombia, Queen Noor of Jordan, numerous dignitaries and over 400 landmine victims - including many injured children- in calling for guerilla forces to likewise destroy their landmine stockpiles and rid the country of the deadly weapons. For the crowd of thousands on hand, Juanes performed “Suenos” - a new song from Mi Sangre in which Juanes expresses his dreams for Colombia: “I dream that all the hostages are free, Who are held today in the middle of the jungle, I dream that my bleeding people live in peace”.

- The release of Mi Sangre also finds Juanes gracing the covers of numerous magazines

- November 22rd sees THE NEW YORK TIMES run an extensive “Arts” COVER profile on Juanes: “A Singer Confronts Colombia's Pain… Latin America's hottest singer-songwriter… a soulful poet with electric guitar whose politically charged lyrics have won acclaim for capturing the nihilism and outrage of Colombia's long civil conflict… imaginative lyrics and a fresh musical style… [Juanes] has set himself apart as one of Latin America's most politically conscious musicians”

- With “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” again topping Billboard’s “Hot Latin Tracks” chart, December 1st sees the announcement of the initial dates of the upcoming Mi Sangre Tour. With over 200 concerts planned worldwide, the tour will see Juanes perform in 40 arenas (such as New York’s famed Madison Square Garden and Miami’s American Airlines Arena) and large theatres across the United States in 2005.

- On the morning of December 7th, Mi Sangre receives a Grammy nomination for “Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album”.

- By mid-December, Mi Sangre has already reached the quintuple (5x) Platinum mark in Colombia and has also received multi-platinum certifications in the U.S. Latin market and numerous other countries.

- On Christmas day, Juanes appears on the ABC Network nationwide broadcast of “The Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade”. Appearing on the show with co-performers such as Mariah Carey, Ashanti, Wynona & more, Juanes gives the first TV performance of Mi Sangre’s second single – Volverte a Ver” (“To See You Again”)- a song which conveys the heartache of soldiers separated from the ones they love: I’d give anything to see you again…I’d give my life and my rifle, my boots and my bible That’s why when I’m alone in the trenches… Your eyes are my light and your glow fills my heart

To dodge all the bullets and survive… Your love is my hope and my ammunition
That’s why getting back to you is my only mission
You’re all I have… I don’t want to die… Without being able to see you again

- Appropriately enough, Juanes concludes 2004 again topping the “Hot Latin Tracks” Chart, as “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” is the #1 Latin song in America for a TWELFTH Week, while Mi Sangre is still #1 on the “Latin Pop Albums” chart & receives numerous end-of-year critic’s picks
Billboard - Issue Date: January 1, 2005
Hot Latin TracksTM - Latin Pop AlbumsTM
#1 - Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor, Juanes #1 Juanes, Mi Sangre

- After a 3 month (12 week) run at #1 for “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor,” Mi Sangre’s second single is released to Latin radio. “Volverte a Ver” claims the chart’s “Hot Shot Debut” in its first week, and quickly reaches #1 in only its second week of release. This gives Juanes (once again) two simultaneous singles in the Top-10.

- In February, Juanes wins both the Gold and Silver torches at the famed Vina del Mar music festival, garners yet another Premio Lo Nuestro Award for “Rock Artist of The Year” and receives five Billboard Latin Music Award nominations (including Top Latin Albums Artist Of The Year,” “Hot Latin Track Of The Year" & “Hot Latin Tracks Artist Of The Year”). The month also sees Juanes give the first performances of “The Mi Sangre Tour” with a string of sold-out shows in Spain, Tampa & two consecutive nights at Puerto Rico’s 14,000+ seat Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

- On March 4th, Juanes performs to a capacity audience at New York’s famed Madison Square Garden. Throughout the month, “The Mi Sangre Tour” goes on to sell-out shows across the country in cities such as Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and at Miami’s American Airlines Arena. The critical reviews of the tour are phenomenal:

“…headlining at Madison Square Garden… a superstar… what comes across in Juanes' songs is an intense longing that spans romance, love of country and the yearning for peace… Juanes carries his conscience with grace, melody and irresistible rhythms, and he drew the cheers to prove it.” - New York Times
“It's like Beatlemania, only in the 21st century, and done up Latin-rock style… Juanes is a huge star… [In concert], you will not find another crowd as grateful and joyous. It's infectious” – Boston Globe
“Juanes rises to new heights… electrified a sold-out arena: In a heartfelt show for ecstatic fans, Juanes delivered on all the promise of his passionate songs and his many awards and hits and took a giant leap beyond... an artist who channels people's feelings & energy through his music and unifies them in a giant moment of release” - Miami Herald
“Not for him the choreographed machinations of a Ricky Martin or a Chayanne... The show is just the man, his band and his guitar. Which will be enough to keep everyone on their feet, singing along, bodies bouncing” - Washington Post

- The month of March concludes with Juanes new single “La Camisa Negra” (The Black Shirt) quickly following its predecessors to #1 on Billboard’s “Hot Latin Tracks” Chart. This marks the third consecutive single from Mi Sangre to reach #1 in America.

- In April, with Mi Sangre already certified gold in the U.S. for sales over 500,000 records, and continual sold out concerts in the U.S. and Latin America, TIME Magazine selects Juanes as a member of “THE TIME 100” - a “list of the 100 most influential people in the world today.”

- THE MI SANGRE TOUR will continue throughout 2005 with over 200 planned performances -

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