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Auranova is a Spanish pop/rock group out of Los Angeles, CA that is rapidly and undoubtedly becoming a fan favorite in the Spanish market. Auranova is determined and destined to make an impact in the music industry; with songs that all feature memorable vocal melodies perfectly blended with keys, rock guitar and well crafted rhythm sections. The idea was to create a melting pot mixed with some of the most influential acts including past successes such as Mana, Café Tacuba, Juanes, Zoe as well as a handful of todays heroes. After spending the last two years writing and recording in Los Angeles California, the band has been able to network effectively to generate much buzz that has enticed many potential investors and record companies to look further into the project. Their much anticipated debut album is scheduled for a 2012 release under the direction of Sweet Reef Productions Inc.
2/9/2012 9:42:27 PM

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